Thursday 6 March 2014

Flower of the Week


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Common Name:  Tulip

Botanical Name:  Tulipa

Colours:  White, Yellow, Pink, Peach, Orange, Red, Lavender, Purple and Bi-colours. Almost every colour except true blue and black.

Origin:  The origin of the tulip can be traced back to Hungary, Turkey and the Middle East.

Description:   The Tulip is a genus of single seed-lobe from the Lilium family or Liliaceae. There are up to 75 wild species of tulips in existence and an astonishing 3,000 different varieties of cultivated tulips. Most tulips produce only one cup or star shaped flower per stem however the tulip comes in a multitude of different forms including the gorgeous ruffled Parrot Tulips or Fringed Tulips.

White Parrot Tulips
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The Tulip first became a popular spring flower in Turkey where it was adopted as a symbol for life and fertility.The name tulip stems from the Persian word for turban 'tulipan' after its rounded form and in fact it is believed that Ottoman Sultans would wear a tulip in their turban as a symbol of their importance. It was first introduced to Europe in the middle of the 16th Century via Antwerp to the Netherlands where it has remained and become synonymous with Spring. The season lasts from late December to early April and during this time the flower fields of Holland become a striking display of flowering tulip bulbs bursting with colour.

Tulip Fields in Netherlands
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