Sunday 19 May 2013

Traditions Of The Wedding: Brides Bouquet

The tradition of carrying flowers on your wedding day is centuries old and the exact origin of this tradition is unclear. They range from practical reasons to superstitious reasons but whatever the origin, the wedding bouquet is a beautiful accessory and marks a very special occasion.

It is believed that in Medieval times most brides would carry bouquets of fragrant herbs to enhance their aroma on their wedding day and to ward off evil spirits while welcoming goodness and happiness into their life. The bouquet also signified that the bride was in bloom.

As time passed by and we came to Victorian times the flowers had even more significance as couples would send each other flowers. Each flower had its own particular meaning and it is this association that is still adopted to this day by many brides. The groom generally wears a flower that can be seen in the bridal bouquet. This dates back to medieval times and the tradition of a Knight wearing his brides colours to declare his love and respect for her.

We will be continuing the Traditions Of The Wedding series and we will cover everything from the veil to cutting the cake so pop back here in the near future to check it out. 

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